I Want Super Powers!! :S


This has been so crazy! I WANT SUPER POWERS!!!! I want to know whats going on in their mind all the time!! How funny it is! Being curious is exciting but too much of curiosity is not exciting believe me!! Till when can you keep guessing what they are trying to think about you! Irrespective of whatever we do to know them until we actually try and know them and risk it all we shall never realize their worth (if they have any) or we won’t be able to decide if we should or should not give them a damn
It is both tempting and annoying at the same time when you start getting stupid attractions towards people for no good reason and specially if they are from the opposite sex.. You want them to talk to you but at the same time have a little fear in your mind… Not trying to imply that you really want to indulge into some intimate relationship of love and all but still… it does make a difference somehow… Not a difference annoying enough or not something that can make you feel obsessed about it but it really makes you feel a little conscious  specially when you look at them or meet them by any chance.. well apart from this.. 

It is annoying annoying and only annoying if people elder to you keep giving you mysterious looks all the time  for no good reason as if they are looking down upon us… too much of contemplation will only annoy you more and more but unbelievably such people like on our Mother Earth in large number :p
And the level of annoyance will increase deeply and madly when they are people from the same sex!So now next time you meet such i am Mr.Mysterious Judgmental all you gotta do is just I.G.N.O.R.E.!! (because there’s nothing you can do about it!)

some more cases do exist of such combinations (same sex annoying, opposite sex judgmental etc etc ) help me explore! 🙂


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